Water levels dropping at Trinity Lake

REDDING, Calif. - Water levels are dropping in lakes across the Northstate, and Trinity Lake is one of them.

Trinity Lake is slightly less than half full, at 48 percent of capacity; that is 70 percent of where levels usually are this time of year.

The Stuart's Fork Boat Ramp is high and dry, nearly a mile away from the water at this point, and the bridge over what should be the lake is only over the creek.

A lot of shoreline is showing, to put it lightly.

The Trinity Center at the Oddfellows Hall is currently in its third location. It moved because previous sites would flood, putting the center underwater.

Third generation Trinity Center resident Mary Hamilton said several areas where buildings or roads once stood are being revealed again.

They include old mines, a road to an old gas station, and other foundations, in what was once a booming town.

"This is where all the kids use to come ice-skating, play in the water," said Hamilton.

Hamilton also pointed out old county roads, and where the second Trinity Center once stood. The town was originally on the banks of the Trinity River.

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