Water Woes In Jones Valley

JONES VALLEY, Calif. -  A new water system for the Elk Trail Subdivision is almost complete, but not everyone is happy with the progress. 

For many years, people living in the rural Jones Valley area haven't had access to water year round. Wells dry up in the summer, when people use the water for landscaping, drinking and bathing more often. Luckily, a solution is on the way.

A new $2 million water system is close to being finished, paid for by grants and a no interest loan. In fact, Shasta County Supervisors signed off on the notice of completion Tuesday... but it's not complete yet. That meeting was the first one scheduled in more than a month.

On Wednesday, a few people who live in the Elk Trail Subdivision showed up a little testy.

"We have personally been lied to, and lied about, to such a huge extent on this project," on person said.

Another asked "should I be concerned about that taste? Because it's terrible." One man angrily stated, "This project should be completed, as we paid for it."

Water pressure to seven of the almost 200 parcels is sub-standard. Homeowners were asked to sign a paper giving them $2,500 to install individual booster pumps and agree to a stipulation would be put on their deeds detailing the water conditions.

People at the meeting said no way.

That means the county will use construction contingency money to build a booster system, providing adequate water pressure to the seven parcels. That, for the most part, seemed to satisfy everyone there.

Al Cathey From the Department of Public Works said it's been a "long, contentious project," but thinks in the end it will be "a good project." He also said it will likely take months to complete.

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