Weaverville teen road-trip to help the homeless

Weaverville teens road-trip to help homeless

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. - When you hear about teenagers taking a road trip it can make you a little uneasy. But that is not the case in Trinity County, where four teens are traveling to help the homeless.

They are taking some donated wheels on a journey. With the help from their community they are giving back.

It was a gathering in Chico that gave the Trinity High School students the drive.

"Reach is like a leadership conference where every genre of kid comes and they teach you that no one is better than anybody else," said junior Greg Aikins. "We were like, ‘wow! We need to do that and give back to the community because they give so much to us.'"

The teens are going up the coast this summer. They will travel from Sacramento to Seattle and reach out to strangers they meet along the way.

"I felt like if I was homeless, just to be given something like that, that would be huge. I would love that more than anything just to know that someone else is out there caring for me when no one else does," said senior Tyler Cannon.

"I'm looking forward to the memories with my buddies that are going with me," said senior Ryan Higgins.

They each have their own desires and goals.

"I think the motivation is just the smile that people are going to get on their faces," said senior Cairo Ingram.

With their various vehicles filled to capacity the boys hope to recycle. For every item they give out it is a space to fill for more donations on their journey.

They are starting small - with blankets and basic supplies – but getting much more.

"We've had our buddy drop into his skivvies behind the truck to give us his pants," Higgins said. "There's been a lot of different things. We're taking whatever."

"We've only asked for blankets, which is the beautiful part," Ingram said.

While their ultimate plan is still developing, their motivation is high to achieve a long-lasting memory.    

"Us doing this and people being like, those four helped the homeless from Sac to Seattle or whatever we did, is going to be more remembered than us getting a gold medal or us winning a championship," Aikins said.

The students are looking for help as they prepare.

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