Whiskeytown Lake sees lower water levels

REDDING, Calif. - California's drought is slowly draining the lakes and reservoirs across the state.  And now Whiskeytown Lake is included in those who are seeing levels falling.

The California Department of Reclamation say that this drawdown is normal for this time of year.  Usually Whiskeytown Lake is lowered around 10 feet in late February or early March to help with flood control.

Whiskeytown Lake might be a few feet lower than normal, but is very full compared to other lakes in the state.

This year the Department has lowered it a few weeks early to help maintain the flow of the Sacramento River and to help keep more water in Lake Shasta.

The lake will be refilled as summer nears.  Whiskeytown is a recreation area which means it is legally required to be full or nearly full so people can enjoy the lake.

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