Whiskeytown rangers remember Kennedy's influence

Workers at Whiskeytown National Recreation area remembered President John F. Kennedy on Friday morning.

Whiskeytown's Park Superintendent Jim Milestone said Kennedy was instrumental in the creation of the recreation area.

In September there was a special celebration marking 50 years since Kennedy spoke at the Whiskeytown Dam dedication in 1963.

Today Milestone and several other park workers gathered at the Kennedy Memorial located at Whiskeytown Lake.

Milestone said two Redding men, Lawrence Carr, who served as Kennedy's northern campaign manager and James Carr, who was the under secretary of interior,  worked alongside Kennedy to give us the Whiskeytown we know today.

"That brought together this political clout that helped establish Whiskeytown National Recreation Area so we the rangers really take our hat off and tip it to President Kennedy and his administration for setting aside this beautiful landscape for the enjoyment of future generations," said Milestone.

Milestone said it wasn't until 1965 when the actual park was created but all the plans were drawn up during Kennedy's administration in 1961 and 1962.

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