Wild Weekend In Chico Includes 400 Police Calls, Fires in the Streets

CHICO, Calif. - A series of fights and fires kept Chico Police very busy this weekend.  Several fights sent people to the hospital.

Couches, matresses and garbage cans were set on fire in ten separate incidents on West 6th Street between Chestnut and Ivy Saturday night.

Police made 26 arrests during a period of about 12 hours.

Officers said they responded to nearly 400 calls and the department was so overwhelmed that at times 90 percent of the city was without police coverage.

The Chico Police Department released a news release describing the behavior of party-goers Saturday night.

"This type of juvenile behavior continues to be fueled by alcohol,
egos, and tempers; all of which are totally unacceptable in OUR community!  The total number of arrests and detentions during a 12.5 hour time frame were as follows:
1 Burglary
5 Assault
1 Resisting Arrest
8 Drunk In Public
2 Arrest Warrants
3 Detained for Mental Health concerns

"Ultimately, the Chico Police Patrol Division responded to 391 calls for service during this time frame."

"The downtown area and college housing area within the City of Chico is not safe from violent crimes during the weekends. The sheer volume of people walking around these areas quickly overwhelm the capabilities of our Patrol Division and prevent the officers from effectively providing adequate police service to OUR community. This can all be attributed to the on-going party scene we get consumed in based on irresponsible behavior of many!"

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