Wildfire torches multiple acres of dry brush

PARADISE, Calif. - A wildfire scorched four acres off Neal Road just south of Paradise Thursday morning.

One lane of traffic was closed and no structures were involved.

The fire spread very quickly but firefighters were able to attack from the air and on the ground to stop it from getting homes.

One helicopter, five planes, bulldozers, trucks and 50 firefighters worked in the fields and they were able to contain it an hour after it started.

The fire was stoked by the wind, and more planes were called in for back up.

"I went to request a couple more but we didn't end up using them," said CAL FIRE – Butte County Battalion Chief, Rob Sonsteng.

Investigators said it started from the side of Neal Road just east of the landfill. The south winds pushed the flames toward the Skyway.

"It was definitely a wind driven fire," said Sonsteng. "We were just lucky to have air assets and engines close by to catch it at four acres."

As the fire made its way to the trees and bushes it slowed down and gave firefighters a chance to put it out from above.

"Luckily we were able to access it off the roadway," said Sonsteng.

The private lot was filled with dry brush which firefighters said is good fuel for wildfires.

"We will be seeing fires like this a lot in the next few months," said Sonsteng.

Investigators are still working to see what started the fire. No one was hurt and no structures were damaged

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