Woman loses precious necklace made from late husband's ashes

Woman misses treasured necklace on Valentine's Day

CORNING, Calif. - A Corning woman has just one wish for Valentine's Day.  Marion Rowert hopes someone will help her find a missing remembrance of her one true love.

Saturday, the day after Valentine's Day, marks ten years since Rowert's husband Ron passed away. The couple was married for 48 years. 

But she's heartbroken after she misplaced a yellow diamond necklace.  The diamond was made from Ron's ashes, and she wore it every day close to her heart.
"It means nothing to anybody but me because it was made from my husband's ashes," said Rowert.

Rowert last saw the necklace on Monday when she went in for X-rays at a Corning Medical Associates.  She had to remove her jewelry and hasn't seen the necklace since.

"It's always been on me," said Rowert. "I didn't think about it until that evening and I ran into the kitchen."  She turned her purse upside down, but it wasn't there. 

Immediately, she was overcome with despair. 

 "I was devastated."  She and Ron were married 48 years -- knew each other for 50 -- and she wore the necklace close to heart both literally and figuratively.

"He was full of fun," said Rowert in describing her late husband.  "He was always whistling and joking around."

"He was a good man," she said.
If the necklace is never found, there's a Plan B.  In her bedroom in a blue box are the remaining ashes of her husband.  She could have another necklace made.  But like in most love stories, the first love is the truest love.

"It can't be replaced," said Rowert nearing tears.  "It'll be ten years tomorrow."

If you inadvertently picked up the necklace or know of its whereabouts please contact the Corning Police Department.  There is a $500 reward for the necklace.

Rowert believes she misplaced it somewhere in or around Corning Medical Associates at 155 Solano Street in Corning, or somewhere nearby.  Family are urging people to be on the lookout for the missing necklace between Corning Medical and a nearby nail salon located a few doors away.

The necklace is a yellow diamond stone on a chain.  The company that produced it is Life Gem. A company representative told KRCR News Channel 7 that it offered to replace the stone at a reduced price.

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