Woman shares harrowing experience fighting against burglary

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding woman shared the countless measures she's been forced to take after her high-profile home was burglarized multiple times.    

Lynn Fritz's home is fairly well-known and sees a lot of traffic.

It's the round house sitting above the water, visible from Highway 44 where thousands of vehicles drive by.

Fritz, a marriage and family therapist, said she's been a victim of burglary four separate times in the last year.

The most recent break-in was Monday.

"Just yesterday, returning, I discovered that the small boat, a 9-foot, West Marine water tender dinghy, that's been there for about 12 years, and I use on a regular basis, was gone," Fritz said. "So someone came into the island and removed the boat that was chained and padlocked."

Fritz said at least two people must have come up in another boat, cut the lock and then both paddled away from beneath her house.

She said she's fed up.

"It's very frustrating to live in a place that's probably the highest profile piece of real estate visible, highly visible, and yet these burglaries go undetected," Fritz said.

Fritz said that although she has a locking gate, her carport has a storage area that has been hit repeatedly. Most recently a bike, a weedwacker and a gas blower were among the items taken.

Now Fritz has more chains, a cable, and several padlocks.

Friends have asked her to move, but Fritz isn't ready for that.

"It doesn't seem like to me the answer is giving in," Fritz said. "The answer seems like to me is, how can I make a difference? Is there a way that I can work with security system, local police, my neighbors, into making this a safe place, more secure, being able to watch and look out for each other, and perhaps contribute to resolution of the problem."

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