Yuba DA: Oroville teens involved in twisted murder plot

Teens allegedly planned to kidnap, kill teen for girlfriend

MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Three Oroville teenagers are suspected of attempting a twisted kidnapping, sexual assault and murder in Marysville. They were caught by Yuba County Sheriff's deputies and are being charged as adults.

Investigators said it started as an elaborate plot to help one of the teens date the girlfriend of the 17-year-old male victim.

17-year-old Jessy Murray, 16-year-old Frank Oddo, and 17-year-old Jacob Cadena, all of Oroville, allegedly created fake Facebook profiles and were set to meet the victim and sell him marijuana. It was originally thought one of the teens was from Redding.

The meeting place was a remote spot northeast of Marysville in a site near Browns Valley.

Deputies said the victim was waiting, saw the suspects arrive, and called his aunt to pick him up. Law enforcement said the suspects forced the victim into their car. The victim's aunt showed up and called law enforcement.

Deputies were able to track down the suspects nearby.

The suspects told investigators they wanted to kidnap the victim and steal his cell phone. Cadena, 17, was then going to pose as the victim, call his girlfriend, and break up with her. He told deputies he then planned to call her, console her, and then ultimately try to date her.

Yuba County District Attorney Patrick McGrath told KCRA-TV that the suspects had an elaborate strategy in place.

"They had instigated a plan to kidnap the 17-year-old, to take him to another rural, isolated area, to sodomize him, to cut him, cut his Achilles tendons, and we believe ultimately then kill him," McGrath said.

Deputies said the teenagers gave different accounts of what they had planned, but ultimately admitted to deputies that the victim was not going to make it out alive.

McGrath told KCRA-TV that the suspects were wearing bandanas to hide their identity and using weapons like airsoft pistols, which he said look very much like real guns.    

Murray, Oddo, and Cadena were arrested and booked into juvenile hall for kidnapping and conspiracy, among other charges.

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