Zoning changes likely for Anselmo Vineyard

Zoning changes possible for Anselmo's Vineyard

REDDING, Calif. - Shasta County and Seven Hills Land and Cattle Company owner Reverge Anselmo are on the same side despite a history of legal battles.

They are both working toward bringing Anselmo's Shingletown area operation into compliance with county regulations, the source of their contention for the past few years.

The settlement agreement states both parties hope to have everything complete within 10 months of the original date of the signing in January; or within 14 months of the original date of the signing if an environmental impact report is required.

Part of the negotiations include rezoning 67 acres of land centered around Anselmo's restaurant, winery, chapel and events center from exclusive agricultural to commercial recreation.

Shasta County and Anselmo both agreed that an environmental impact report is not needed, but members of the Shingletown community aren't so sure.

Dick Rullman, the president of a group called Local Water Stays Local, released a statement about his concerns.

"This is a residential, ranching and farming area that should stay this way," Rullman said. "Ranching and farming are one thing, but turning it into a commercial resort is completely another. To build something of this magnitude without any studies is unacceptable. Does this seem to be a fair process for such a project to proceed with little to no studies, especially from the waters of Bear Creek?"

Reverge Anselmo, currently living on the East Coast, responded to the statement by e-mail.

"The rezone addresses the construction as it stands now, and it is the permitting solution proposed by and favored by Shasta County Staff," Anselmo said. "The operations of the ranch and winery remain as they have been ongoing for years. Any new construction would be subject to appropriate reviews. Further, we have already undertaken exhaustive studies such as traffic, archaeology, air quality, etc. and have demonstrated there is no need for an EIR [environmental impact report] since the uses remain as they are and would change insignificantly if at all in the future. All water consumed on the ranch is private water, not public water, and it is of no legitimate concern to anyone who does not own it."

There were plans in January to expand the Anselmo property to include a hotel that would stand east of the chapel, however, Shasta County Resource Management Director Rick Simon said reviewing the possibility of an expansion is in unnecessary at this point in time, and it has already been factored in to the environmental review.

"There is some indication of future uses, which would include what he is categorizing as a boutique hotel," Simon said. "There are no immediate plans for construction as it stands right now."

Simon said the hotel would consist of 18 rooms and a spa, which would likely be available to guests of the hotel. He also stated that the environmental review already includes impacts on traffic or disturbance of the land from the hotel and spa project.

The proposed Anselmo re-zoning is tentatively scheduled for the Shasta County Planning Commission meeting on August 14 at 2 p.m.

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