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California residents impacted by Las Vegas shooting can apply for help

California residents impacted by Las...

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Help is available for California residents impacted by last Sunday's Las Vegas mass shooting, according to the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CAL OES). 

CAL OES is collaborating with the California Victims Compensation Board (CalVCB) and encouraging residents to call their local Victim/Witness Assistance Center at CalVCB's website or call 1-800-777-9229. 

Assistance is available for survivors of those who were killed, anyone who was injured or otherwise impacted and immediate family members. 

CalVCB can help pay for medical bills, mental health treatment, funeral expenses, lost wages and more. Applications are available on their website. 

Officials said survivors and family members are encouraged to apply now, regardless if expenses have been incurred or not. The application has two signature pages one for the California program and one for the Nevada program. Officials said by submitting the applications you will be applying to both programs and CalVCB will work directly with Nevada compensation program. 


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