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City of Ferndale offering free sandbags amid flooding

FERNDALE, Calif. - With flooded roads throughout Humboldt County during the storm, residents in flood-prone areas like Ferndale need to take action at the start of rainfall by stockpiling sandbags.

Knowing where to get sand and knowing how to fill the bags and then how to stack them can help keep you and your family safe during flooding. 

The City of Ferndale is addressing the massive flooding by providing free sandbags to the local community.

"This is a particularly strong event. We have some high tides too that are complicating things. There will be considerable flooding in the low land areas,” said Ferndale City Manager, Jay Parrish.

Humboldt County Emergency Services also says it is equally as important to be prepared for a flood event as it is to be prepared for an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Parrish added there will be 3,000 sandbags available.  Anyone who lives in Humboldt County is welcome to pick up sandbags at the Ferndale Fairgrounds.


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