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Bridge dedication held for late Caltrans engineer

Bridge dedication held for late Caltrans engineer

They say behind every good man, there is a good woman. In this case, that woman is Esther Allen.

She stood by her husband, Lowell Allen, while he worked to keep California drivers safe. On Friday, he was honored for his service as a Caltrans engineer.

Esther Allen remembers the life she shared with Lowell.

"He loved working for Caltrans in the bridge department. All in all, it was a wonderful life, we moved quite a bit in the first few years of his career, but after that we settled in Eureka," Esther said.

"He would leave on Mondays, come home on Fridays for some of the jobs that were away, but I'm very thankful for having been able to be, his partner his wife and his friend," she explained.

For nearly 40 years, Allen dedicated his life to working on bridges in the North Coast. Now the bridge on the Mendocino-County line will be named the Lowell Allen Memorial bridge.

Senator Mike McGuire passed a the Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 73 in order to make it possible for this bridge to be named after Allen. The bridge, just south of Cooks Valley Campground, will now read "Lowell C. Allen Memorial Bridge" for all of those who travel over it.

Allen's family said it will serve as a special reminder of their loved one.

Esther Allen said if Lowell was here, he would say it was a little overwhelming and that he would've never expected something like this.

Allen served in Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte and Lake counties until he retired in 1990. He lived from September 26, 1928 until December 2, 2014.

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