Boys & Girls Club celebrates mentoring awareness month

The club provides safe haven for teens

EUREKA, Calif. - The Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods is celebrating National Mentoring Awareness month.

Kenny Williams has been with the Boys and Girls Club for five years, he said it's important that the club exists.

"I think it's important to be a mentor, because some of the teenagers need a helping hand, you know," Williams said. "They don't have no father figures, they might not have a mother figure in their life, and we're just here to help them out."

A spokesperson said the club strives to engage teens to develop a positive self-image of themselves, and works with teens in 6th through 12th grades.

"It's great, because our staff and volunteers are able to provide extra guidance and support that they may not get elsewhere," Monica Rose of the Boys and Girls Club said.

"So, we're able to sit down with them and set goals and talk about career options, and different possibilities that they might be interested in the future,"she added.

Jamie Coleman, a participant at the club, said she looks forward to going to the center after school.

"It's like pretty fun and like if you have no plans after school, or whatever, you can come here and kick it," Coleman shared.

Rose explained the club has plans on spreading awareness for the rest of the month of January and throughout the year. She added they welcome all teens to its center and anyone interested in becoming a mentor volunteer.

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