Congressman speaks out against postal service

EUREKA, Calif. - Congressman Jared Huffman spoke out against the United States Postal Service and the plans to shut down Eureka's processing center.

In July, the processing center in Eureka will close, moving everything to Medford, Oregon.

The USPS has been consolidating mail distribution and processing centers across the country since 2006, stating it's because of the decline in the pieces of mail it handles each year.

Congressman Huffman said he's against it because it will mean a loss of jobs, possible delays in service, as well as the overall lack of transparency by the postal service.

The USPS said only a few customers could be affected by longer delivery times. Adding 96 percent of Eureka's mail is addressed outside the city. Regardless, the congressman isn't satisfied.

"There's too much at stake. There are jobs that would be lost and there's also everything that would be lost if you allow delivery service levels to decline," Congressman Huffman said.

The postal service said folks aren't going to lose jobs. USPS will give employees affected by the consolidation an opportunity to work within another location outside of Eureka.

Despite the efforts and letter from the Congressman, USPS said it's moving ahead with the decision to consolidate the Eureka processing center as scheduled. They added the transition will occur on or before July 11. 

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