Huge squid draws crowds at the HSU marine lab

Huge squid draws crowds at the HSU marine lab

TRINIDAD, Calif. - A big squid at Humboldt State University's marine laboratory in Trinidad has drawn a lot of attention from the public.

The 12-foot-long robust clubhook squid was displayed at the laboratory and is third largest species of squid in the world. The squid can grow up to 16 feet and is usually found in the deep sea.

It was caught unintentionally off the coast of Eureka on Tuesday by a local fisherman in a trawl net.

Grant Eberle, equipment technician for the HSU marine lab, said it was remarkable to see the squid in such good condition. He said the public has had a mostly positive reception when seeing the squid up close.

"Some people are repelled by it," Eberle said. "Most people think it's one of the coolest things they've ever seen, which is the way I would have felt if I was young seeing this for the first time. I've always wanted to see a giant squid and this is a pretty big one."

The squid is edible to mostly sperm whales and some sharks. Eberle said the squid could not be made into giant calamari rings as the species of squid was not suitable for human consumption. The squid contains high levels of ammonia.

He said the squid will go into a freezer so it can remain preserved. The squid could either be dissected for research or permanently preserved so it could be displayed to the public.

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