Toddler's reaction to hermit crab goes viral

Toddler's reaction to hermit crab goes viral

TRINIDAD, Calif. - One-year-old Liam Kell of Arcata had quite the reaction to a hermit crab and it was all captured on video by his father.

The video was posted on YouTube last week and then on the website of ABC News Thursday and has garnered nearly 300,000 views and had been shared over 1,000 times on social media as of Friday.

The video show's Liam freaking out after seeing a hermit crab for the first time at the Humboldt State University's Marine Lab in Trinidad.

Johnny Kell, Liam's father, said he noticed his son reacting to the hermit crab and knew he had to capture it on video.

"They had hermit crabs in the touch tank and I pulled one out and he started acting a little funny," he said. "So I just grabbed my camera and started shooting and got that solid reaction."

According to Liam's parents, he wasn't actually scared. The scream Liam does is in reaction to something that catches his curiosity.

"He does that scream for a lot of the things he gets excited about," Kell said. "He lets us know that he found a creepy crawler in the forest or a spider in the corner by going ahhhhh…. he just accentuated it in this video."

Kell said he and his wife frequently take their two sons to the marine lab to expose them to nature and appreciate the marine life there.

He said he was surprised to see the video go viral.

"I've shown it to so many people and then when we got contacted yesterday going on ABC's website, I was just like this is cool and everybody's just been positive," Kell said.

Staff at the marine lab were amused by the video and said a lot of young kids have visited the lab and when encountering the marine life there, the responses vary.

"Some of them want to touch everything," Grant Eberle, an equipment technician at the lab, said "Other ones don't even want to want to get their hands wet."

The video of Liam's reaction can be seen here.

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