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Wednesday, October 4th Forecast: Weaker winds and mild going into the weekend

Eureka, Crescent City, Willow Creek

Mike's October 4th Webcast

The dry and windy conditions are finally behind us and now we can look forward to warmer temperatures as we approach the weekend.

Highs will actually stay below normal today in the valley with highs right around 80 degrees give or take but it will warm up to the upper 80's to about 90 degrees by Friday and Saturday.

The valley will drop back down to the mid 80's by Sunday and stay there into early next week. Highs on average on the coast for the next 7 days will range between 65 and 70 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

We are tracking the potential for more gusty north winds by Sunday and Monday of next week increasing our fire danger once again.

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