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Humboldt County election results: 3 out of 4 measures passed

2 districts, 2 cities affected

Humboldt County, Calif. - There were four measures voted on in Humboldt County on Nov. 7, affecting two districts and two cities: The City of Rio Dell, the district of Samoa, the district of Shelter Cove and the City of Blue Lake.  

Measures X, B, Y and Z were on the ballot, and the results were as follows:

  • Measure X:
    The City of Rio Dell proposed a tax on cannabis businesses. The ordinance read, "Every person engaged in business involving Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Activity in the City shall pay a business tax." 

    The rates that would apply are $2 per square foot or 2 percent of gross receipts as an initial permit tax. In addition, businesses would be taxed $5 per square foot or 10 percent of gross receipts, per person engaged in the business. 

    • PASSED: 80.97 percent voted YES, 19.03 percent voted NO.

    • 268 votes were cast for this ordinance. 

  • MEASURE B:  

    This ordinance affects Shelter Cove. Measure B would add an additional property tax to go toward the Shelter Cove Fire Department. 

    There is a current flat tax of $25 for both residential to commercial properties. Officials want to tack additional taxes to that rate. 

    • PASSED: 69.28 percent voted YES, 30.72 percent voted NO. 

    • 166 votes were cast for this ordinance. 

    This ordinance affects Blue Lake. Measure Y proposed increased property taxes to provide funding to the Blue Lake Fire Protection District. 

    • DID NOT PASS: 48.79 percent voted YES, 51.21 percent voted NO.

    • 248 votes were cast for this ordinance.

    This ordinance would affect people in Samoa. Measure Z proposed to consolidate the Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District into the Peninsula Community Services District. The agency would oversee services such as water, park and trails, and emergency responses. 

    • PASSED: 77.92 percent voted YES, 22.08 percent voted NO.

    • 77 votes were cast for this ordinance. 


View the county's full list of election results here.

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