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Lawsuit against Eureka rehabilitation center alleges elder abuse

EUREKA, Calif. - Marie White, a woman who was admitted into Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center after developing dementia and suffering several falls, has filed a lawsuit against the center for elder abuse. 

The lawsuit alleges White suffered multiple preventable falls while a resident at Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

According to the lawsuit, on January 26, White was being helped to the bathroom by a staff member and the employee allegedly left White unattended. White fell and struck her head on the toilet which fractured her neck and wrist. White was also malnourished and lost 24 pounds in under four months, and the lawsuit alleges this was fraudulently concealed by the facility from White's family. 

White was placed in a neck brace and was transferred to another skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation, She could not withstand the anesthesia needed for surgery as a result of her medical conditions, according to court documents. 

The Department of Public Health investigated White's multiple falls and issued three Class A citations, the most serious type of violation that are not the direct proximate cause of a resident's death, relating to her case. 

According to the Department of Public Health, White's and other residents' falls at the facility were due to under-staffing, which in turn caused other failures. 

According to White's lawyer, the Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center allegedly deliberately failed to take corrective actions to address violations, which lead to an excessive amount of resident falls and injuries. 

North Coast News reached out to the Eureka Wellness Center and have yet to hear back.

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