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Redwood Memorial Hospital receives national recognition

Fortuna's Redwood Memorial Hospital was one of 11 hospitals said to have great customer service by…

Humboldt Crabs take on Redding Colt 45s

In their first of two games, the Humboldt Crabs beat Redding's Colt 45's by 11 runs

Realtors warn against possible mortgage scam in McKinleyville

Some residents in McKinleyville received odd notices outside their doorstep over the weekend.…

Beautiful mural will soon bid Arcata travellers good-bye

A new mural will be painted on the Arcata Bay Crossing affordable housing complex, to be seen on…

EPD: Rise in aggravated assaults concerning

The Eureka Police Department is concerned with a portion of its spring crime report. The reason, a…

Family of man buried in sand worries for his future

A 19 year-old man is in a medically induced coma after a six foot hole he was digging collapsed;…

Humboldt County fire departments sent to help at Soberanes Fire

Firefighters from Humboldt County went to Big Sur on Monday to help fight the Soberanes Fire.

Humboldt County's 'Track and Trace' pilot program goes live

On Monday, Humboldt County launched the website for its 'Track and Trace' pilot program. It’s the…

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