DWR hopes to have a working spillway by November 1

DWR hopes to have a working spillway...

OROVILLE, Calif. - At a press conference held in Oroville Monday, DWR's Acting Director Bill Croyle announced that they "will have a spillway to use by November 1."

Croyle clarified that it might be a temporary spillway or a permanent one, but it depends on what construction plan they decide to go with. He was hoping to have a design vetted and finalized in the coming weeks. 

Starting at noon on Monday, the damaged primary spillway will go back to 0 cubic feet per second (cfs) after it was ramped up to 50,000 cfs on March 17 to help lower Lake Oroville. Starting at 4 p.m. the DWR hopes to return the Hyatt Power Plant back on. 

The power plant is expected to release 29,000 cfs and will keep the lake levels down since current inflow sits at 23,000 cfs. Although, some expected storms might see lake levels rise over the coming weeks. 

Croyle also announced that the emergency spillway would be finished shortly and that their team at the dam will transition from response teams to a recovery team. 

The DWR says that it hopes to only use the primary spillway one or two more times to keep the lake at a safe level, but mostly they plan to use the power plant to fight normal lane inflows. 

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