DWR: Oroville Spillway outflows to stop Monday afternoon

OROVILLE, Calif. - The Department of Water Resources (DWR) will gradually ramp down outflows from the Oroville Reservoir starting Monday at 6:45 a.m. until the afternoon when outflows reach zero. 

As flows are reduced, DWR will monitor the status of the dam, spillways and related structures to ensure their continued safety and stability. Flows will be reduced gradually to minimize risk to downstream levees. 

Officials say that they plan to cut off flows from the spillway for several days to allow workers to "aggressively attack" the debris piles at the spillway's base. They also hope to get the Hyatt Powerplant back online during this time. 

Since February 12, DWR has reduced water levels in Lake Oroville from 901 feet elevation to 842 feet, nearly 60 feet below the top of the emergency spillway. With current outflows at 50,000 cfs and inflows at only 25,000 cfs, the department will continue to create even more space in the reservoir throughout the day and overnight.

Removal of debris will help safeguard Hyatt Powerplant and allow for its eventual reoperation. Once operational, the Hyatt Power Plant can discharge roughly 14,000 cfs, which will allow DWR to better manage reservoir levels through the remaining spring runoff season.

Through the use of water stored in the Diversion Pool and Thermalito Forebay and Afterbay, flows necessary to meet fishery requirements in the Feather River downstream of the dam will be maintained.

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