Community Rallies to Save Dunsmuir High School

DUNSMUIR, Calif. - The local high school can be the rallying point of a community, especially a small one.  Just over the Shasta County line,  in Dunsmuir, the town is starting a campaign to save the school.

School officials around joining with community members in Dunsmuir to keep the school open.

The school of 85 students is targeted to close under proposed budget cuts at the state level.  The move comes right after 4 million dollars in improvements were made to the campus.

There's a long tradition at the 102- year-old school.  Superintendent-Principal Len Foreman said state officials in Sacramento don't seem to understand the important role the high school plays in this small community.  

Foreman and parents say closing the school would have a devastating effect on the economy of the town of 2,000.

Dunsmuir High is one of about a dozen Siskiyou County schools on the chopping block.

Len Foreman expects a decision in May.

An Assembly sub-committee will hold a hearing in Sacramento on Tuesday, April 9.  Foreman said he plans to testify.

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