Drill Team on Horseback Preps For Redding Rodeo

REDDING, Calif. - Redding Rodeo week is here.    The rodeo typically attracts crowds by the thousands.  Members of a drill team on horseback are also a big draw.

These teenage cowgirls know how to put on a show.  With the sound of her whistle, the drill master team quickly gets in order.  With the start of the music, they start dancing.

Drill Captain Jackie Scarry describes this unique sport.   "It's like synchronized swimming on horses," said Scarry.

But with 24 different personalities, it can be a challenge to get everyone in line.

Drill Master Sammie Williams says to get there it takes dedication and hard work

"I always tell them they work together and play together they are a team they have to get along," said Williams.

Side by side, horses and riders share a special bond

"We have our fights we have our downs but we all get along afterwards its amazing what we can do as a family," said Scarry.

They're a like a family, made up of riders age 11 to 16 who travel around the country competing.

Williams has been their leader for 7 years, and says she has enjoyed every minute of it.  She said she wanted to give them the experience she had when she was their age.

"I had so much fun and so many good memories that's why I do it I want these kids to have the kind of memories I had," said Williams.

This team spends countless hours practicing and perfecting their moves.  They said they are especially excited for the Redding Rodeo because it's an event they can have fun with.

"We are performing for people its not other teams its our hometown so its awesome," Scarry.

They will perform  Wednesday through Friday at the Redding Rodeo.

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