Foothill High School Baseball Team Leads Country with Longest Win-Streak

PALO CEDRO, Calif. - A Northstate high school baseball team is among one of three teams across the country that are tied for the longest winning streak.

Foothill High School varsity baseball team in Palo Cedro is 12-0 overall this season with a 2-0 league record. They ended last season with a 17 game winning streak and have not lost since.

The team was unaware that they held this record until just a few days ago, when a coach read an article written on

Since the article was written however, Foothill has won another game, bumping their winning streak to 29. It's unknown whether the other two schools who tied with Foothill have since won. It's possible that the Cougars are now number one in the country.

Varsity head coach Todd Buck said,

"We had no idea what we did last year to end the year, and then the fact that we've continued this streak, it was kind of a pleasant surprise."

Senior shortstop Justin Allen said the team has been working hard to prepare for the season. He said the team was excited when they first heard about the record.

"We were all pretty excited and we were a little skeptical, we really didn't know exactly what we were doing, but once we thought about it, we thought, this is pretty special what we got."

Allen said he is looking forward to his last season with the Cougars. He signed to play shortstop with the St. Mary's Gaels, a NCAA Division I college in the Bay Area.

The Cougars host their first league game against West Valley high school on Friday at 7:00 p.m. where they hope to raise that win-streak to 30.

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