Injury Leads to Quarterback Shuffle at Chico High School

CHICO, Calif. - An injury may eventually create a permanent change at the quarterback position at Chico High School. Trevon Reid was injured in his first game of the season against Center.

Chico High School Football Coach Jason Alvistur had to immediately make some changes.

"It's a concern. He's had a bad knee since he was in 8th grade. If you look at the film, he took a really hard shot on the knee," said Alvistur. "I don't think it's anything structural or long-term. I just think he has a bone bruise and a little sprain. It's like getting hit in the knee with a sledge hammer."

Back-up quarterback Daniel Robbins took over and completed 16 of 16 passes, leading the Panthers to a win.

"It felt good. It was nice to be able to step in and lead my team from behind," said Robbins.

Robbins started week two against Lassen. The Panthers won the game 27-13, raising their record to 2-0 for the season.

While Reid's knee continues to mend. His teammates feel confident with Robbins leading the offense.

"It feels good that they have my back and that I have their support," said Reid.

But what happens when Reid returns? That's a tricky question.   If he continues to perform, he may take the snaps the rest of the season.

Coach Alvistur said "That's obviously come up from the fans, the coaches, the players."

Reid is an electric runner, and his talents might in the long-term be better utilized elsewhere.

"Travon is a very dynamic player," said Alvistur. "Right now, at the beginning of the season, I want the ball in his hands on every player. Now whether that changes and needs to move outside or a running back position and give a shot to Danny, who can tell?"

Chico High School will travel to Nevada Union to play Friday night.

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