Northstate Heisman Finalist: Cooper Janusevskis of Foothill

REDDING, Calif. - Cooper Janusevskis goes by the nickname "Cooper J", because his full name can be difficult to pronounce.

The Foothill wide receiver had a productive senior season, hauling in 909 yards worth of receptions.  He said he's more than comfortable on the football field.  Cooper J considers the gridiron as a kind of a sanctuary.

"If something is wrong at home or with anything, I just forget about everything,  it's just football," said Janusevskis.

His future is bright.  As an excellent student he has a guaranteed full-scholarship at the Air Force Academy.  But he would like to play for a Pac-12 school.  At 6'4" he has the right height, but needs to add some weight to his 185-pound frame.

"Train, work hard, be good in the classroom and hopefully things will fall into place as it should. I just workout in the off-season."

"Cooper J" is also looking at U.C. Davis, Fresno State and San Jose State.  Whether it's football, or something in the academic world, "Cooper J" has the tools to be a major success.

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