Northstate Heisman Finalist: Jonathon Dixon of Paradise

PARADISE, Calif. - Paradise High School running back Jonathan Dixon is one of the finalists for the KRCR News Channel 7 Northstate Heisman Award. If you watch him run, you'd never guess that Dixon didn't become Paradise's featured running back until the fourth game of the season.

But in the ensuing eight games, leading into the Division 1 title game with Enterprise, Dixon racked up 1,046 yards.  With a time of 5 seconds in the 40-yard dash, Dixon said he relies more on his power than his speed.

At 6'1", 220 pounds, he is an Earl Campbell-type runner.  Dixon tramples through defenders.

Only a junior, and with so few carries under his feet, scouts haven't come calling yet.  But it could be just a matter of time.

"People around me say it'll happen," said Dixon.  "So I'm just enjoying this year."

Paradise Head Coach Rick Prinz said Dixon has all the qualities you'd want in a high school running back.

"Besides his work ethic and character he has a motor, he goes hard every play," said Prinz.  "He also is big, strong and fast."

Dixon said "Yeah, you got to be tough, on every play, stamina is important.  It's all about the next play in football."

Born in Mississippi, Dixon would like to play for an SEC school.   He loves LSU Coach Les Miles, so LSU would be his dream Division 1 team.

But with another year to hone his talent, there's still time to dream, get better, and turn that dream into reality.

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