Player of the Week: Corning's Nathan Fultz

CORNING, Calif. - Corning High School's football team depends on the strength of its running game to lead them to victory.

The Cardinals' leading rusher, Nathan Fultz, rushed for 158 yards and one score in week two to earn the KRCR Newschannel 7 Player of the Week Award.

At 5'7", you might not notice Fultz's physical stature, but you're sure to notice his performance on the field.

"I'm not the biggest guy out there," said Fultz. "But I've got a lot of heart so I guess that counts."

On a team dedicated to the running game, Fultz is the grittiest of Corning's runners.

"Oh, yeah, I like it. I like running the ball. So it works out pretty well for me."

Corning Head Football Coach John Studer said he likes the ground game because it helps his team control the clock.

"It's something our players feel confident in," said Studer. "We try to preach to them that if we run the ball between the seams, we're going to be successful."

When the Corning Cardinals run plays they run the ball almost exclusively . In Friday's win over Oroville they rushed 59 plays and passed just six times.

"Actually six times is quite a bit of throws for us," said Coach Studer. "There have been many games where we've thrown the ball one time and that's just to say we did it."

Corning plays for three wins in a row Friday night in Red Bluff

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