REDDING, Calif. -

Business around Trinity Lake are unnecessarily suffering from the perception of low lake levels.

Trinity County lake levels sit 110 feet from the top and drop an average of one foot a day. The bridge stands half-a-mile from the shoreline, which houses a boat ramp that hasn’t launched a boat in years.

It takes more time to get to the water, but the Trinity Lake Resort General Manager Shannon Smith said that customers are often surprised at how much water there is.

“I think the rumors about the low water are killing us more than the actual facts,” Smith said. “Yes it is low, but there's still plenty of water."

Plenty of water for a number of recreational activities, including: water skiing, fishing and house boating.

House boat rentals are being discounted at 50 percent.

“Over 4th of July we were totally sold out on everything, and the customers were pleasantly surprised,” Smith said. “They'd heard the water was low, but when they got here they said there was a lot more water than they'd expected, so they were really happy. They had a great time. It was a good weekend.”

Smith said that 75 to 80 percent of their customers come inland from the coast to warm up, the opposite of what many Northstate residents do.

That’s exactly what boat owner Brian Collart from McKinleyville did.

"We escaped the coastal coolness for the summer heat, and if you get too hot you just jump in the water."

Collart said there were even some advantages.

“There's more places to explore along the shoreline,” Collart said. “You might find some treasures that somebody dropped overboard sometime. Found our dog collar from a couple years ago when the water got lower, so that's a benefit."

Another boat owner from Fortuna described her vacation.

“This year the lake is half full, it's not half empty,” Cheryl Wells said. “We've been out wake boarding and tubing and sleeping on top of our houseboat. It’s awesome."