Early clouds clear as high pressure builds in.

Temperatures will fall tonight with a brief break in the clouds.  Most in the valley will see temperatures into the mid 40s overnight before temperatures rise quickly when the clouds clear.  The thing is that those clouds won’t clear too quickly.  The clouds will clear from south to north but they’ll take pretty much the entire day to do so.  That will keep the temperatures very cool compared to the rest of the week.  Highs on Monday will peak near 70° in Redding and in parts of the north valley but into the mid 70s in the south valley near Chico and Oroville. 

High pressure will build in on Tuesday and kick temperatures up by nearly 20° Monday into Tuesday where temperatures will easily hit the mid 80s with some communities in the middle of the valley peaking near 90°.  On Wednesday and Thursday almost everyone in the valley will peak at or above 90° with brilliant sunshine overhead.  Friday the temperatures finally start to cool off, but they don’t go too far, just the mid 80s for the weekend.

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