Dec 29 Weather Forecast

Possible Changes to our Weather Ahead?

Redding, Red Bluff, Chico - 2013 will go down as the driest year in 119 years of record keeping for California precipitation. The last few days of the year will continue to be warm and dry, with no rain through New Year's Day and beyond.  Temperatures will remain around ten degrees above normal during the day with chilly mornings and patchy frost likely.

The first days of the New Year, look dry with clouds at times and slightly cooler temperatures.  By next weekend a cold front drops into northern California bringing clouds, cooler temperatures, and a chance of showers Redding north and in the mountains. Precipitation amounts look very light and any rain and snow that falls will not ease our drought.

Models beyond that are now flip/flopping regarding a more significant pattern change for the extended period of time. But we will keep an eye out and report for any signs of serious, much needed rainfall!

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