Links for Earthquake Preparedness

Create a kit

Creating an emergency preparedness kit that can be used in the home or taken in case of an evacuation can be put together with some basic supplies. Start building your kit with this list of supplies from the American Red Cross, and make sure you have the Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist.

Make a plan

Write your earthquake plan on an emergency contact card and store in your phone along with numbers for emergency resources in your area. Also, identify out-of-area emergency contacts and decide where to reunite with loved ones after a disaster in case phone lines are down. Use tips to from this guide to start creating a plan.

Be informed

Talk about how to prepare and safely respond to emergencies most likely to happen where you live, work and play. Also, make sure you know how the notification systems in place.


An earthquake may generate tsunami waves that can reach shore in minutes. If officials issue a tsunami warning and order evacuations, you hear the Outdoor Warning System, the earth shakes so much you can't stand, shaking lasts longer than 20 seconds or you notice water receding from the shoreline, walk to higher ground immediately. (Source: CDC)

First Alert Weather

Weather Forecast: The heat is back for the Northstate

The heat has hit the Northstate and will stick around through the majority of the extended forecast.

7 Day Forecast Interactive Radar Skycams

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