Sunny and warm today, clouds move in for most of this week.

The weather will largely remain unchanged for today.  The biggest difference will be the winds which will start to die down this afternoon.  If we look forward to Monday and Tuesday though there are bigger changes afoot.  The latest models have basically eradicated any chance for valley showers on Tuesday.  The best we can expect now is some light rain in the mountains to the west – meaning Trinity County will see the most – but it won’t be much to brag about.  The rest of the week, although cloudy and seasonably cooler, won’t have much rain at all.  Even the stronger systems on Wednesday and Thursday have been desiccated by these latest models runs.  So much for a new year and new weather. 

There is some hope about a week out though.  Saturday is showing some signs of a stronger system which could bring some rain to the west coast.  So it’s not for a lack of trying.. the models really want to give us some rain but at the last second change their minds.  The thing is though, we’ve seen this before.  Last week there were indications of a chance for good rain yesterday, and it happened the week before.  And every week ended up with a few high to mid-level clouds and very gusty winds behind it.  We’ll keep an eye on things, but I’m not expecting much out of these systems this week.

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