Starting with sunny skies in northern California.

Those clear blue skies could be the downfall of today though.  Temperatures will quickly rise into the 50s to near 60° this afternoon but the biggest threat will be more thunder storms in the evening.  Right now there is ‘conditional stability’ in the valley meaning that it really can go either way for thunderstorm development.  The correct parameters and enough surface heating will allow for storms to form but the conditions must be just right.  The good news is that there really isn’t much by way of shear – or rotation – in the atmosphere so these storms will likely not be as strong as the ones we saw last night and on Wednesday.

Monday and Tuesday will bring more rain as a stronger system moves on shore.  That storm will have some moderate rain associated with it and is pretty cold as well.  We’ll see snow levels down near about 3,500 feet to start which will fall to near 2,500 feet by the time the system pulls out Tuesday afternoon.  As is normal the moisture is mostly gone by the time the atmosphere allows snow at the lowest levels. 

Following the Monday/Tuesday storm, there is a bit of a break on Wednesday before another weaker system moves to our north. That system will have some showers associated with it, but they’ll remain mostly in the mountains and will generally just keep things gray in the valley.  It is much the same for the rest of the week, with a mix of sun and clouds and scattered showers possible.

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