There will be a break in the wet weather this afternoon.  This break will be short lived as another cold front will sweep through the Northstate Wednesday.

Valley highs should warm to the 60s this afternoon, one of the warmest since early last week.  Locations that see more sun will warm to the mid to possibly upper 60s.

A low pressure system trekking across the Pacific will begin to tap into the leftover moisture from yesterday's atmospheric river.  Ahead of the cold front south winds will begin to pick up.  South winds plus moist low levels, will once again aid up-slope flow in the foothills and mountains and even parts of the northern tip of the valley.  So south facing slopes will once again see higher rain totals.

Pre-frontal, up-slope flow will begin in the morning hours Wednesday but the main cold front won't arrive until late Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Rain will linger into Thursday morning but should begin to clear out the second half of Thursday.  

A ridge of higher pressure will amplify over the Northstate Friday and Saturday, bringing valley afternoon highs into the low 70s.