Behind last night's cold front we'll continue to see isolated mountain showers and the slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm.

The best instability will continue to drift off to the east today, east of the Northstate.  We'll also see north and northwest winds develop whichl does not favor thunderstorm activity.  So at this point it doesn't appear that we'll see a whole lot of activity in the Northstate today.

A weak, flattened ridge of high pressure will build into the Northstate Wednesday and into Thursday.  This will be short lived as another deep trough will dive into the Northstate Thursday and into Friday.

This next cold front will bring more rain and mountain snow.  This next trough will likely be deeper than today's system and will also be overhead during the middle of the day Friday, which will give the Northstate a better chance of seeing thunderstorms.

By Sunday a new ridge will begin to build in, warming up the Northstate along with clearing out the unsettled weather.