Valley highs will warm to the mid to upper 50s today.  The Northstate can expect better chances of precipitation as we head later into the week.

Behind yesterday's cut-off low, which grazed the coast and brought some mountain showers, we'll see a northwesterly flow aloft.  For the valley, highs will warm to the mid to upper 50s.  Mountains can expect widely scattered to isolated showers and snow showers.

A weak system will filter through the Northstate Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning.  Our in house model is even indicating that this system will bring measurable rain to parts of the valley floor.  This system will ride the northwesterly flow and will have some colder air to work with so snow levels will likely stay below 4,000 ft.

The big story remains the "Atmospheric River" event by Saturday and into Sunday.  Though models have trended slightly weaker in the last 24 hours, it still appears to be one of the wetter storms in 13 months.  Snow levels, as usual with these types of storms, will stay high.  Through majority of the event snow levels will struggle to dip below 6,500 ft.

There are a few things that we will need to keep an eye on heading into this weekend.  A short term ridge will move in ahead of the wet storm.  With clearing and calm winds, we could get some cold air trapped in the mountain valleys. Over running moisture falling into the cold air could bring in some low snow levels.  Once the winds pick up snow levels should quickly rise heading into Sunday.