Valley highs will warm back into the low to mid 70s for the Spring Equinox Thursday.  

We'll continue to see high levels clouds filter through the Northstate the next couple of days but that's about it.  A weak disturbance passing through the Northstate this evening may increase the north winds slightly Thursday but nowhere near as gusty as Monday or Tuesday.

Another jet streak will move through the Northstate Friday, Friday evening and should increase the north winds into Saturday.  These winds will also be much lower than Monday and Tuesday and should stay below 20 mph.

The next chances of rain will arrive late next Tuesday into Wednesday.  This doesn't look like a very wet storm but wetter than anything we've seen in 2 weeks.  We'll also need to be on the lookout for the possibility of thunderstorms by Wednesday afternoon with the cold core tracking right overhead by the middle of Wednesday afternoon.