Weather Forecast: Off And On Showers Through Next Week

Redding, Chico, Red Bluff

After a very active day on Wednesday things  quieted down shortly after sunset and although there will be a continued chance for isolated showers on Thursday we're not expecting any more thunderstorms.  At approximately 3:00pm Wednesday afternoon a thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado developed prompting the National Weather Service to issue a Tornado Warning for Central Glenn County.  Four more Tornado Warnings were issued for the same storm eventually including Butte County.  The last warning was allowed to expire at 6:45pm.

During the time of the storm we received several reports of funnel clouds and tornadoes reaching the ground.  It is believed a tornado may have damaged several trees on a local farmer's almond orchard.  No other damage has been reported at this time.

The forecast models continue to bring us an off and on chance for rain through at least the beginning of next week with some of the heavier rain falling Friday evening and Saturday.  Once all is said and done through Friday morning the valley could pick up between a half of an inch to an inch of rain and we could add at least another inch if not more for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This won't be a drought buster but it will be good to get some decent rain and snow in the Northstate.

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