Monsoon moisture is centered right on top of the Northstate.  This mid level moisture will bring clouds, humidity and the instability needed for thunderstorms.

  Much like Tuesday the temperatures the next few days are going to play tricks on us as the cloud cover will dictate just how warm it will (or won't) get.

We expect the best chance for mountain showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday and quite possibly into Friday as well.  At this point the valley is looking dry but it's still not entirely out of the question to see a stray sprinkle or light shower.

The chances for thunderstorms diminish over the weekend as the monsoon moisture moves out.  However, there is another storm approaching the Pacific Northwest this weekend clipping Northern California.  This will bring us slightly cooler temperatures under partly cloudy skies.

The average high for this time of year is about 100 degrees and it looks like we will be able to keep it below that most of the week into early next week before we see another big heat wave starting in the middle of next week with highs approaching 110 degrees or higher.