The rain moved in as expected on Wednesday giving the valley about an inch with more on the way.   Behind the cold front will be cool and unstable air giving us a chance for isolated thunderstorms through the day on Thursday especially if we start the day with some sunshine.  If the thunderstorms do indeed develop and are strong enough we could even see small hail, gusty winds and the potential for flash flooding.  The cooler air behind the cold front will also drop our snow levels down to around 4500 feet Wednesday night into Thursday before climbing back up to around 5000-6000 feet Friday and Saturday.

We will be between storms Thursday night allowing for drier weather before the next storm arrives.  Storm number two is scheduled to be here Friday morning but the center of the storm is expected to be to the south of us.  However, we will still get wrap around moisture giving us another round of rain showers at least through Saturday morning. 

Once all is said and done the valley will most likely pick up around 2 inches of rain give or take depending on where (and if) the thunderstorms develop.  The mountains could pick up between 1 and 3 feet of snow mainly above 6000 feet.

The storm track will be aimed at the Pacific Northwest next week giving them most of the rain.  However, the long range forecast models are showing signs of the storm track shifting to the south off and on through the week giving us a chance for more shower activity.  The timing of these “shifts” is still uncertain but we’ll keep you posted as we get closer to next week.