The first heat wave of the season will be holding on for one more day before we start to see a drop in our temperatures the rest of the week.  The gusty north winds are expected to continue into Tuesday afternoon extending the Red Flag Warning another 24 hours.  Click here for more details.

The persistent ridge of high pressure giving us the triple digit heat is finally showing signs of giving way to a series of weak storms riding to our north.  This will allow our temperatures to drop to the 90s as early as Wednesday and struggling to get out of the 80s by Friday.  The weekend will see highs in the low 90s under mostly sunny skies.

The forecast gets a little tricky next week because there is a big difference between our two main long range models (GFS & Euro).  The Euro wants to give us another ridge of high pressure which would mean the return of the triple digits.  The GFS wants to keep a series of storms riding to our north keeping our temperatures in the low to 90s.  We’ll keep you posted.  Until then, enjoy the cooler weather this week.