A Red Flag Warning has been issued for the mountains and the Sacramento Valley through at least Friday morning.  As an area of low pressure spins off the coast and starts to head to the north it will tap into some monsoon moisture migrating from the Desert Southwest.  These two elements are expected to work together to bring us a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms not only in the mountains but the valley could see some activity as well.

One of the reasons this could be a potentially dangerous situation is the fact that it is very dry at the lower levels of the atmosphere so there is a good chance there won't be a lot of rain associated with these thunderstorms.  That elevates the threat for dry lightning and spot fires.  That being said, there are some areas that could experience brief periods of heavy rain and possibly small hail.  Stay tuned as we continue to monitor this pattern very closely.  Click here for more details on the Red Flag Warning.

By Saturday the threat for thunderstorms will finally be gone but we will also be dealing with warmer temperatures.  Highs over the weekend in Redding and Red Bluff will be in the lower 100s while Chico will be closer to the mid 90s.  It should warm up slightly as we go into next week.