A weakening cold front will continue to push through the Northstate tonight, bringing scattered to isolated showers along with thunderstorms.

Behind the cold front high pressure will build back into the Northstate Friday, tightening the northerly pressure gradient.  We can expect gusty north winds for the western side of the valley floor Friday.

After the system moves out, another one will follow a couple days later on Saturday.  That front won’t have as much moisture or energy and will therefore only increase the high and mid level clouds. The sunshine will be out for most of the weekend and Easter Sunday is looking like an absolute gem.  Temperatures look to be in the low to even mid 80s on Easter and the most we’ll get is some high and mid level clouds. 

Finally, Kool April Nites will start with some potentially active weather.  The car show will kick off with generally clear skies, but Monday and Tuesday bring the threat of thunderstorms.  I’m not anticipating any storms to be particularly destructive, but they could bring hail which could do some real damage to the paint jobs and detailing of these spectacular cars.  Let’s hope nothing like that happens.