Weather Forecast: Tornado Warning for North Central Glenn County

Redding, Chico & Red Bluff


(3:34 pm update) thunderstorms are forming on the western side of the valley floor and drifting slowly to the east, northeast at less than 10 mph.

Rain and mountain snow will continue to move through the Northstate Wednesday.  Thunderstorm development will also be possible as we head into the afternoon hours.

It ended up being an active day in the Northstate on Tuesday.  Several strong cells with rotating updrafts, which supported well structured wall clouds and even brief funnel clouds and possible weak tornadoes.  These same storms dropped hail and heavy downpours.

We are still concerned about rotating thunderstorms once again today.  A strong surface low which will come ashore in Southern Washington, will help to crank up our south and southeast winds this afternoon.  Once you head about 5-10,000 ft above the surface we have strong west winds.  This is important because it shows we have strong winds turning with height or shearing.  If we are able to destabilize the atmosphere enough, the thunderstorms could tap into this spin just like yesterday.

Snow levels will continue to jump around through the next few days.  At ths point snow levels will likely be at their lowest Thursday morning (3,500 ft) before rising throughout the day.

Friday and into Saturday snow levels may rise to above 6.500 ft as the warmer sub-tropical air-mass moves in.  This sub-tropical moisture will bring periods of heavy rain Friday into Saturday along with gusty south winds.

Most of the Northstate will stay fairly dry with just a few lingering showers.  This will be a short break as more rain will move in by next work week.

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