The Northstate will stay warm and dry through Easter and most of the day on Monday.  A pattern change will bring active weather to the Northstate by Monday evening.

After touching the mid 80s Easter Sunday a cold front will begin to approach the Northstate Monday.  Most models keep the front to the west for most of the day on Monday, allowing for the valley to warm to the mid to upper 70s.

The cold front will bring showers to the Northstate Monday night into Tuesday morning.  Behind the cold front cold air aloft will allow for convective showers, snow showers and thunderstorms to form.  The trough is forecast to lift northeast a little faster than originally thought so we're not expecting thunderstorms to last into Wednesday.

A short lived ridge will build in Wednesday, Thursday and into the first half of the day Friday.  Another trough will move in by next Friday evening, bringing more showers to the Northstate.