Weather Forecast: Wet and Breezy To Start The Weekend

Redding, Chico, Red Bluff

POSTED: 3:31 PM Jan 10 2014   UPDATED: 10:59 PM Jan 10 2014
Krueger pod

High pressure was the dominant feature on Friday with partly cloudy skies and slightly warmer temperatures. However, this won’t last for long as what looks to be a more significant storm scheduled to arrive Saturday.  That being said, we use the word “significant” because we could actually see some measurable rain but will most likely only be around a tenth to a quarter of an inch which isn’t nearly enough to help us get out of our deficit.

By Sunday high pressure builds back over the Northstate and is expected to stick around through all of next week with temperatures around 70 degrees once again.  The good news is we are seeing a wet weather pattern setting up over the Nortstate for the last two weeks in January.  Could this be the end of the unusually dry and warm weather?  Only time will tell.